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Unique sanitary pads fantasy FLIRT® Premium Line!

Unique sanitary pads fantasy FLIRT® Premium Line!


Sanitary pads - During your "special" days, would you like  to rely on your pad 100% and be sure that it will not fail? With the new sanitary pads fantasy FLIRT® Premium, protection and comfort are guaranteed! No wonder they are called the "first smart" sanitary pads. New fantasy FLIRT® Premium don’t just absorb liquid during the period, but also have additional particular "smart" features, namely they:

- Absorb 5 times more fluid through a unique «Fast Absorption System x5»;

- Provide absolute comfort thanks to the innovative upper layers, which perfectly absorb moisture and do not rub the skin;

- Guard against leaks due to additional moisture - absorbing bumpers;

- Protect against the "greenhouse effect" thanks to breathable microporous core;

- Ensure additional protection reserve for few hours, if you cannot promptly change the sanitary pad.

Please, appreciate protection and comfort with the first smart sanitary pads fantasy FLIRT® Premium!