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Tampons fantasy FLIRT® - comfortable solution of women's issues!

Tampons fantasy FLIRT® - comfortable solution of women's issues!


The first meeting, the first date - it's always emotional and full of suspense. But not with them! You have not yet met them! From the first meeting they will gently take care of you. Feel yourself relaxed and comfortable with tampons fantasy FLIRT®.

Due to the natural texture, you will feel no irritation or discomfort. The advanced shape of the tampon fantasy FLIRT® ensures easy insertion and positioning of the tampon inside. Strong thread guarantees absolutely easy removal of it.

Use the whole series of tampons during different days:

fantasy FLIRT® Normal – for medium and regular flow;

fantasy FLIRT®Super – for heavy flow;

fantasy FLIRT® Maxi – for very heavy flow.

Remember about regular replacement of the tampon according to the instructions, because women's health is above all.

Feel yourself comfortable not only in pajamas and the night gowns, but also in sports, business and evening wear. Take fantasy FLIRT with you in your everyday feminine life!