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Top sellers - sales trends in cosmetic, sanitary and household products

Top sellers - sales trends in cosmetic, sanitary and household products


Changing lifestyles and rising awareness levels contribute to the enhanced demand for feminine hygiene products in developing regions. However, the segment does not experience growth in volume sales in the last 3 years. This is due to several factors: aging female population, rise in price of raw material and in energy costs in the construction of nonwoven materials. We should also take into consideration factors such as issues regarding ethics and social taboos, economics and affordability.

Opposite to the recent market trends, Credo- Capital Production own brands – sanitary pads fantasy FLIRT and NORMAL clinic are showing constant growth with steady double digit pace. This growth is due to the company’s permanent effort to meet the current market expectations. Our products are offering both very high quality competitive with the world famous brands and low prices affordable all over the world. We know that not only the quality and the price but the product visual appearance is important for the modern woman. That is why we constantly improve our designs to provide the consumer with positive experience.

We developed the unique system “Superabsorbent Protection”, which instantly absorbs the fluid, turns it into gel and locks it inside the pad. The soft innovative topsheets quickly directs secretion into the pad, leaving the skin free from stickiness and wetness.